How to Be a Life Coach – The Best Way

Do you want to know how to be a life coach? Great decision!

It is of course important that you study with the right organization and get experience, but if you want to know how to be a life coach then you need to look within first and make sure you are passionate about making a difference, helping people, and continuing to learn and develop.

Being a coach is also being a mentor, a leader capable of building relationships and a facilitator of discovery.

When you learn how to be a life coach, you realize you are not telling people what to do, but opening up new opportunities for them with their thinking and expanding their awareness of their own thought processes.

Being open to looking at someone else’s model of the world and to try to have an understanding of how other people think can change your outlook and intention around communication. If they don’t agree with you are they right or wrong? Actually probably neither – just different. To have this perspective and insight into the human thought process is a wonderful gift.

Life coaching means that you build a partnership with your client to help them explore options, look at their desired outcome and make informed choices. It is through this process that you help them develop goals that will not seem too far out of reach, and also to keep them excited about moving towards achieving them. One of the most important and powerful things you can do as a life coach is journey through accountability with your client to ensure they get to where they want to be. Celebration is also an important part of this journey and recognizing what your client has achieved will anchor in their win.

Once you learn how to be a life coach you will quickly notice your own behaviours, self-talk and attitudes also changing for a more positive outlook, which will give you positive results and lead you to the success you are aiming for. It becomes automatic to do a quick evaluation of how you feel, what you are thinking and how that will impact on your results.

To understand your own strategies around your behavior and have the ability to look honestly and openly at the results these strategies beliefs and behaviours are giving you, then you will be able to make change for yourself – and you do want to make change don’t you?

Coaches Training Course – When Should You Begin Production Creation? How Often Should You Create?

“If it’s reasonable to expect that more than a few clients would hire you at your hourly rate of $____ (you fill in the blank), might it also be possible that many more would pay you $17, $27 or $47 for your powerful coaching solution in an e-book, audio or video? If you don’t have several options for your ideal prospect to do business with you – you are missing out on lots of money!”

If you think you can coach at all, you need to be regularly delivering your coaching solution and offering multiple information products. Your products will do two things for you (well, at least two, probably a whole lot more):

  1. Your products give your prospects the opportunity to become customers and experience your coaching message & method.
  2. Your products will help you generate a regular and passive stream of income in addition to your coaching practice.

You will propel your coaching business forward to profitability by becoming a prolific creator of products. Nice if you could earn back everything you have already invested into your coaching business, right?

There are many different formats by which you can deliver your coaching solution to your market, such as:

  • report
  • mini guide
  • e-book
  • recordings of teleseminars
  • recordings of interviews with experts
  • video – of you (or include others) speaking
  • video – screen shots of power point presentation
  • home study course – combo audio, video & text

Each of these products should solve problems, teach methods for improving their life, their parenting, their business – and yet each product is a marketing tool for your coaching! By giving your prospects the opportunity to experience your coaching solutions in as many affordable options as possible, it gives them the opportunity to sample your coaching solution, put it your coaching solution into practice and experience the benefits.