Ideas for Middle School Fundraising

When participating in fundraisers in middle school, students reap the benefits of an increased sense of independence, new skills in sales and business, and a better understanding of how to work with others to fulfill a common goal. Money raised by fundraisers can be used by school organizations and sports teams to develop funds for trips, uniforms and other types of experiences for the students. Participating in a school fundraiser promotes school spirit and encourages leadership in the student population. The best fundraisers should be low-cost, exciting and simple enough to attract student involvement.

Car washes are a common type of fundraiser that can be easily set up in a school parking lot. The car wash can either offer a select price for services, or they can accept donations. Supportive businesses will also sometimes welcome the traffic that a school car wash can attract. When these businesses are on the corner of an intersection, there is an increased chance for success. Materials for a car wash can be donated by students and their families, thereby making this a low-cost fundraiser that invites student involvement through soap and water fun.

Another fun idea for a middle school fundraiser is to hold a dance. Students can sell tickets and many parents will be more than willing to volunteer to be a chaperone. Pick out a DJ from the student population and hold the dance on the school campus. For additional fundraising, a photo booth can be set up that allows attendees to purchase a portrait. A concession stand can also be made available and the profits from all purchases can be contributed toward the fundraiser.

For fundraisers that are held near a holiday, middle school fundraisers can incorporate the holiday into their fundraising planning. Allowing students to purchase flowers for delivery near Valentine’s Day is one activity that middle school students really enjoy. They can also buy and sell theme colored lollipops and other candies to generate excitement for events. A student store in which students can buy gifts for holidays is another great fundraising idea. Small items can be sold for a profit that is contributed towards raising funds.

If someone truly wants a unique idea for middle school fundraisers, then selling bags is a great option that will attract interest from everyone in the community. People of all ages love bags and selling bags with vibrant patterns and colors will captivate the school’s target audience. Bags are reusable and eco-friendly, and can be sold to parents, neighbors and friends. The unique versatility of bags makes them an ideal fundraising product that can be sold any time of the year to a wider range of customers, thereby incorporating all of the elements of a successful fundraiser.