Many Colleges in Jacksonville, Florida

The large amount of colleges in Jacksonville Florida make it possible for anyone to take their education to the next level!

There are many colleges in the city that offer on-site classes to students that are trying to obtain a bachelors degree. Some of these are Edwards Waters College, George Washing University, Jones College, Florida Metropolitan University, Keiser University, Florida Tech University, the University of North Florida, and Jacksonville University.

There are a lot of students that simply do not like school and would rather go to a vocational school or technical school than to a four or two year college. The ITT Technical College is an extremely popular tech school in Jacksonville that offers students a chance to study a variety of vocations. Jacksonville has both an art and cooking school: the Art Institute of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Culinary Institute.

For the students that are working full-time and do not have time to attend college or for those students that simply want to get an education from the comfort of their own home, Jacksonville has many online universities with bases and offices located in the city. Some of these include the Globe University, Everest College, Argosy University, DeVry University, and many more.

Many students are not satisfied with just a Bachelor’s degree, and for that reason Jacksonville offers several graduate schools. Some of these are the Webster University Graduate School, the University of North Florida Graduate Engineering Studies, and the University of North Florida.

Obviously there are many opportunities for the citizens of Jacksonville, Florida (and anyone else who wishes to live there) to further their education. There are many degree programs and other opportunities that are available in colleges all over the city.