Coaches Training Course – When Should You Begin Production Creation? How Often Should You Create?

“If it’s reasonable to expect that more than a few clients would hire you at your hourly rate of $____ (you fill in the blank), might it also be possible that many more would pay you $17, $27 or $47 for your powerful coaching solution in an e-book, audio or video? If you don’t have several options for your ideal prospect to do business with you – you are missing out on lots of money!”

If you think you can coach at all, you need to be regularly delivering your coaching solution and offering multiple information products. Your products will do two things for you (well, at least two, probably a whole lot more):

  1. Your products give your prospects the opportunity to become customers and experience your coaching message & method.
  2. Your products will help you generate a regular and passive stream of income in addition to your coaching practice.

You will propel your coaching business forward to profitability by becoming a prolific creator of products. Nice if you could earn back everything you have already invested into your coaching business, right?

There are many different formats by which you can deliver your coaching solution to your market, such as:

  • report
  • mini guide
  • e-book
  • recordings of teleseminars
  • recordings of interviews with experts
  • video – of you (or include others) speaking
  • video – screen shots of power point presentation
  • home study course – combo audio, video & text

Each of these products should solve problems, teach methods for improving their life, their parenting, their business – and yet each product is a marketing tool for your coaching! By giving your prospects the opportunity to experience your coaching solutions in as many affordable options as possible, it gives them the opportunity to sample your coaching solution, put it your coaching solution into practice and experience the benefits.